Before applying for a grant from The Garden Club of Allegheny County, note the following:

1. GCAC will only accept grant requests in line with its mission statement. 

The mission of The Garden Club of Allegheny County shall be to promote greater knowledge of horticulture, stimulate interest in conservation and historic preservation, encourage community and environmental education, and participate in civic planning and planting programs.

2. You must have a member of The Garden Club of Allegheny County sponsor your grant request.  If you need help in identifying a GCAC sponsor please contact gcacpgh@gmail.com

3. All parts of the application must be complete and submitted in typewritten form.

4. The Project Director or a representative of the organization will be required to appear in person to present the grant request for review and consideration by the GCAC Grants Committee in January or February on the day designated by the Grants Committee. 

5. If a grant is awarded you will be required to submit two status reports to the Grants Committee Chair. The first mid-project report is due May 15th of the year the grant is awarded.  The final report is due at the completion of the grant project on or before January 15th of the following year.

6.  All projects must be completed within one year from the time the grant is awarded.  If you anticipate that your organization cannot complete the project within the required time period, please feel free to wait to apply for a grant until you are able to fulfill this requirement.

7.  Grant requests may be submitted any time between September 1st and the deadline of January 15th.  The Grants Committee Chair will accept the first eight (8) grant applications received during that time period.  If your grant application meets all necessary requirements, you will be notified to appear before the committee to present your proposal.